Thursday, September 23, 2010


So. much. to. say.
and I cant.


the words to verbalize.

-Perhaps that's why I feel like I've been incessantly tweeting & updating on Facebook. An attempt to force it all out. That also may be why I started this blog?


My 6th grade English teacher ingrained in our brains that whenever writer's block occurs, keep writing. Even if it's nonsense. Get it out and break through. Here goes.

Everything on my mind:

life, tomorrow, inhale, work, money, apartment, rent, photos, movement, shape, light, skin, him, content, excitement, curiosity, her, pain, love, strength, weakness, him, old, always, reminisce, obsess, passion, exhale, gratitude, lies, accept, exist, wind, consume, random, suck, freedom, inspired, joyful, doubt, desire, lips, deep, morning, sunday, monkey, abuse, reflect, scent, question, scratch, wind, glow, open, happy, overwhelmed, strategy, survival, creation, travel, beauty, adventure, change, blossom, bliss.

And that about sums it up. Once I can actually put stories or well formulated thoughts to these words, I will. Cosmically speaking, it shouldn't be much longer. *le sigh*

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